Matt Candeias, PhD.
Ecologist, Author, Podcaster

I was born and raised in the forests of northeastern North America. I have been obsessed with nature since I can remember. My earliest days were spent exploring the woods, looking for fossils, and trying to raise fish and insects. Then one day I discovered the amazing world of plants and that was it. Realizing that plants set the foundation for all forms of life on this planet, I have dedicated my life to understanding and conserving them.

I have a master's degree in community ecology from SUNY Buffalo State and PhD in ecology from the University of Illinois. My research largely focuses on the myriad dynamics that shape the abundances and distributions of plants and the communities they comprise. Specifically, I aim to do work that can help improve plant conservation efforts. Growing and propagating plants is a true passion of mine and I try to involve these activities in both my professional and personal life as much as possible.

I also run In Defense of Plants, an internationally recognized podcast and blog dedicated to sharing my love of botany and ecology with the rest of the world. Through these efforts, I was extremely fortunate to be included as one of seven authors on "Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants" and even published my debut book in 2021 titled "In Defense of Plants: An Exploration into the Wonder of Plants."

Get in touch at [indefenseofplants at gmail dot com]